2 local restaurants sued for allegedly selling foie gras

SAN DIEGO (CNS) — An animal rights group has filed a lawsuit against two San Diego restaurants for allegedly selling foie gras in defiance of a ban on the sale of the dish in California restaurants.

The lawsuit filed Friday in San Diego Superior Court by the Animal Welfare and Rescue League alleges that Mister A’s in Bankers Hill and Mille Fleurs in Rancho Santa Fe sold force-fed duck foie gras despite the ban on restaurants Californians to do so.

According to the APRL, foie gras is produced by placing metal pipes down the throats of ducks and force-feeding them, causing their livers to swell up to 12 times their normal size.

Restaurant representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Bertrand Hug, owner of the two restaurants, is also named as an accused. Hug told the Rancho Santa Fe Review last month that he was selling Mister A’s, but would remain involved in the day-to-day operations of Mille Fleurs.

Lawyer Bryan Pease, representing the APRL in the lawsuit, said the group had staged protests over the years outside the two restaurants, which resulted in the restaurants temporarily removing foie gras from their menus, for ” quietly adding it back to the menu later when they thought no one was watching.”

The state ban was recently challenged by foie gras producers outside of California. A federal judge ruled in 2020 that the ban would remain in place for restaurants and retailers, but customers could buy foie gras out of state and have it delivered.

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