A man selling a creepy painting for $50 on eBay claims it ruined his life. Read the full story here

A man selling a creepy painting for $50 on eBay claims it ruined his life.

A man had a strange experience when he bought a painting at a flea market. Dan Smith, a ‘stranger things’ collector, spotted a painting of two children’s dolls in a market and was keen to have it, according to a Mirror report.

Dan was drawn to the strangeness of the painting and bought a woman’s work at a flea market. Although the woman warned him against the purchase, he chose not to listen. However, shortly after purchasing the painting, he realized he had made the “ultimate wrong decision”.

The painting in question depicts two children’s dolls sitting together on a blue-green background. While one depicts a blonde baby in a pink dress, the other is a red-haired Raggedy-Ann style doll. The painting reminded Dan of the renaissance, but he soon realized that it actually represented the end of things. He lost his sleep, his pet hamster, and his peace of mind because of it.


“The woman at the flea market warned me before I bought this and I’m warning you, nothing good can come out of this painting. I didn’t think much of it at the time and just assumed that ‘she was one of those quirky merchants who sold their wares on the cheap,” Dan said. “I don’t know whose cursed blood was mixed into the paint to create this piece, but her powers are powerful” , he added.

“BEWARE CURSED Vintage Painting Dolls Art Creepy Eerie WARNING 1967,” reads the painting’s description on eBay. “The painting is a little dusty and a lot cursed. Buyer beware,” reads further. Dan is selling the painting on the website at a starting price of $50, or around Rs 3,808.

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