Aldi is selling a sunbed for pets to keep them cool during the heatwave

Aldi sells pet loungers and we head straight to our local store after work.

Yes, imagine having a glass of Pimms lying on your lounge chair, with your dog in a matching bed. The absolute dream.

Aldi sells a dog day bed. 1 credit

The new Aldi item is part of the Pet collection – it’s called the Dog Rattan Lounger for anyone who can’t wait to walk straight to the tills and ask for the purchase of a lifetime.

Don’t worry if you’re more of a cat person, we think our feline friends will be more than happy in the lounger.

Snakes and turtles too, if that’s more your vibe – it’s not ours, but we respect it.

The bed will set you back £99.99 ($119), and given that we’ve probably spent that on sky-high food prices at festivals this year, it’s much better value.

That's how happy your dog could be with a day bed.  Credit: Alamy
That’s how happy your dog could be with a day bed. Credit: Alamy

And Aldi knows they have a great product on their hands, as they explain in the item description: “Get your dog this luxurious rattan dog lounger from the Pet Collection. This stylish piece of furniture will not only look great with your rattan range. but will bring comfort to your friend when it’s time to rest and take a nap.”

If that hasn’t already sold you on the product, maybe its design will. Aldi says: “It features a beautiful gray rattan frame, a comfy cushion and a removable water bowl for when they get thirsty in the summer.

Imagine your pet relaxing with you in the sun.  Credit: Alamy
Imagine your pet relaxing with you in the sun. Credit: Alamy

“This practical sun lounger has been designed with a canopy for resting in the shade.

“The rattan material is made with UV50+ protection and the canopy and cushion are water repellent.

“The rattan lounger is perfect for giving your pet the rest it deserves.”

The only downside is that you have to assemble the bed yourself, but after a trial run in some kit furniture from Ikea, we’re pretty sure we could master a dog daybed.

And, they’ve included screws, a wrench, and an Allen key, so you don’t have to raid your non-existent toolbox.

Plus, it means you can fold the bed up and take it on a camping vacation if you want your dog to have a better bed than you for the weekend.

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