Aldi is selling pet stairs for £5.99 so your dog can easily climb into bed

Aldi shoppers are absolutely obsessed with the latest item that’s perfect for helping your dog or cat join you in bed for a cuddle.

The budget supermarket is popular among shoppers looking to make unique purchases and their latest offering is a win for pet owners everywhere.

A savvy shopper discovered the supermarket chain was selling a set of pet stairs for just £5.99 and shared the good news on social media.

The buyer shared a preview of the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group stages on Facebook, where he quickly racked up over 3,000 likes and 7,000 comments from impressed buyers.

She captioned the post: ‘Aldi £5:99 reduced pet stairs my dog ​​struggles to get on my bed so these these are ideal’, and it seems everyone agrees .

“Should have them ready now for when the teddy bear needs more help in old age,” one shopper joked.

“It makes me laugh but it’s a good idea xx,” enthused another buyer.

A savvy buyer shared the discovery on Facebook

One impressed buyer wrote, “These are great, my dog ​​and cat use them.”

While a fourth happy buyer wrote: ‘I would highly recommend steps for dogs who have trouble getting on couches or beds. Our daughter loves hers.’

Aldi says the pet stairs are for pets “who just need a helping hand to jump to their favorite spot, whether that’s the couch or your bed!”

The supermarket also informed shoppers that they are only suitable for small dogs under 15kg, as many shoppers were also quick to point out that they did not help large dogs.

“We bought these for our little dog and had to reinforce them and she only weighs 5 kilograms,” wrote one buyer.

While another said the steps were ‘not sturdy enough for the elderly or sick pets’.

The budget supermarket’s affordable pet milestones come after the launch of a range of pet furniture for your four-legged friend late last year.

It included scalloped chairs and mini sofas that were a hit with online shoppers and pet owners.

Aldi’s pet stairs with storage are priced at £5.99 and are available in stores now.

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