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ARCH Board Committee: President Heather Watkins with Happy, Veterinarian Nurse and Treasurer Vanessa Read and Secretary Veronika Fabian with Billy at PETstock’s National Pet Adoption Day in Coffs Harbour.

EDUCATION on responsible pet ownership was the main focus of the Animal Rescue Coffs Harbor (ARCH) team who organized PETstock National Pet Adoption Day on Saturday 19th March.

The ARCH team was present at the PETstock store in Coffs Harbor near Park Beach Plaza with some of their own adopted and nurtured pets, as well as cats and kittens looking for their forever homes.

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“It’s important for people to understand that adopting pets is not about giving away free cats,” Vanessa Read, ARCH treasurer and local veterinary nurse, told News Of The Area.

“When you adopt an animal, you are responsible for the health of the cat or dog, the de-sexing and the veterinary work.”

Cats and puppies are brought to ARCH, either abandoned as young as a day or two or abandoned by owners who cannot manage or afford to have more animals in their home.

“It’s important to stop the cycle of cats having kittens, so de-sexing is part of the adoption process,” Vanessa said.

ARCH operates a last litter program, which means that if your cat has an unwanted litter, you can return the kittens and ARCH will take care of the de-sexing of the cat and its kittens.

While ARCH is looking for people to adopt their cats and dogs, they are also looking for more foster families.

“This role is suitable for someone who wants to provide a short-term home for an animal waiting to be placed for permanent adoption, while they do all of their veterinary work.

“It gets them used to a home environment and familiarizes them with household noises.

“Right now it’s kitten season and we have a lot of little kittens that need to be placed in foster homes and forever.”

Kittens can be in heat and become pregnant as early as four months old.

“The cycle can happen so quickly, it’s important that the de-sexing happens early on,” Vanessa said.

There are also older cats and dogs that need to be adopted.

“For these animals, you need to be prepared for their aging issues,” Heather Watkins, president of ARCH, told News Of The Area.

“We have some beautiful older cats… I would like people to think about adopting an older cat.

“PETstock has been so good to us, supporting and organizing donations and fundraisers.

“PETstock is also exclusively about supporting rescue animals and our efforts to find their forever homes; they don’t sell animals.

Contact ARCH via or the ARCH Facebook page.

The ARCH team will be participating in National Pet Adoption Day in Bunnings on April 30.


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