Asda is selling a dog bed gazebo

Asda is selling a dog bed gazebo for just £29.

The Asda website describes this as “the perfect place for your pooch!” And it’s a stylish way to keep your furbaby cool.

With a mesh panel base for ventilation, your furry friend will stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays, all without overheating.

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Reviews of the bed are overwhelmingly positive.

One user writes, “This bed is great, and great value for its size.” Adding that “the dog is sleeping on it for now until the weather improves”.

So it seems that it is not only in summer that this bed can be useful.

Other users agreed, writing that the bed is “great for my dog, she uses it in the garden and around the house, looks great, very sturdy, easy to assemble and a great price”.

While some even said it exceeded their expectations.

Credit: Christian Domingues via Pexels
Credit: Christian Domingues via Pexels

The gazebo bed was shared on Facebook where it continued to receive rave reviews.

“Mine loves hers, bought her a few years ago, can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s also protective of her ‘baby’. One user wrote, referring to the dog bringing a toy into the gazebo.

Another wrote that even though it’s advertised as a “dog gazebo”, their cats loved it there too.

Some users were quick to point out that, despite the great reviews, their dogs would likely still choose to lie in the sun.

Pet gazebos have grown in popularity over the past couple of years.

Pets At Home, Wayfair and SHEIN all sell these products and Aldi has already.

Advantekpet published a blog post on why you should provide your pet with a gazebo, writing that it provides “shade and protection for your pet, whether it’s a hot summer day or we were expecting rain.”

The can also make sure your pet is safe and sound, all without having to be kept in a small cage.

One of the great things about the gazebo sold by Asda is that it’s easy to set up and take down, so you won’t have to leave it outside all night for other animals to climb all over the place.

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