BluePearl Pet Hospital will give associates access to vital mental health resources on a key fob

Dubbed The Key Chain Initiative, BluePearl’s new program will provide more than 7,000 associates with a keychain containing a QR code linked to domestic violence and self-harm crisis resources.

BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital announced the launch of a national health and wellness initiative designed to improve access to vital mental health resources for its more than 7,000 associates. As part of the Key Chain initiative, each associate will receive a keychain containing a QR code leading to a list of resources on domestic violence, self-harm crises and suicide prevention lifelines. BluePearl said in a press release that new key fobs with an updated list of resources will be sent to hospitals each year.

“The concept of the keychain initiative first came to the Health and Wellness team through a related suggestion,” said Lori C. Harbert, MSW, LCSW, CAGCS, Director of Health and Wellness at BluePearl.

“This associate first got the idea through her husband, a military veteran, who also received a mental health resource related keychain. This initiative is a great example of how BluePearl’s health and wellness team is working with hospitals to continually improve their support to have a greater impact on associate wellness. Together, we can help reduce the stigma around mental health and save lives,” she continued.

BluePearl Hospital management and Wellness Ambassadors are responsible for facilitating associate education on the new initiative. Wellness Ambassadors are volunteer associates who serve as the liaison between BluePearl Hospitals and the organization’s social work and veterinary leadership teams.

“We know we need to make a career in veterinary medicine more sustainable,” said Jeffrey Horvath, MBA, director of people and organization at BluePearl. “A big part of this effort is developing new and effective ways to improve the mental health of our staff. Through the Key Chain initiative, we hope to make resources more accessible and break down some of the barriers that exist when it’s about getting mental health support.When someone sees the keychain, it will help people remember that it’s a safe place – one where we support each other in times of need.

BluePearl’s health and wellness team consists of 12 registered social workers and a wellness trainer. In addition to individual associate support and mental health programs and initiatives at the hospital, BluePearl’s health and wellness team conducts wellness checks on all hospital leaders to ensure ensure that hospital professionals have support when dealing with stressful situations, according to a press release.


BluePearl Pet Hospital is launching a national key fob initiative. Press release. BluePearl Pet Specialty and Emergency Hospital. April 4, 2022.

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