B&M is selling a chocolate Easter egg hunt for dogs to sniff

As Easter approaches, there’s no better way to indulge than by filling your belly with as much chocolate as possible.

However, for our beloved pets, this can be dangerous as chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which can be toxic to our four-legged friends. Enter retail chain B&M, which offers Easter-themed dog treats made with dog-friendly carob chocolate that aim to be delicious in every way.

B&M’s Instagram has launched the “Scooby Snacks” Scavenger Hunt Kit for Dogs, which features six eggs to hide for furry creatures to sniff. The post featured a photo of the treat box, alongside the caption: “You can entertain the puppies this #Easter with this brilliant scavenger hunt kit!

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“With six edible eggs included, it’s a great way to get them involved in the Easter fun, as well as give them a treat! Grab yours in store for £4!!”

Pet owners and dog lovers flocked to the comments section to express their excitement, as one user wrote, “OMG! I NEED!!! I run a dog daycare business so I want to do an Easter egg hunt for all my puppy clients.

Another user added, “I’m going to get one for the puppies to hunt in the woods.” A third user hoped to surprise her little one with the new dog-focused Easter game, writing: “Omg I love this my daughter will love doing this with the crazy pugs xx”

A fourth user commented, “Awwww how cute! I love this idea. Other users had pressing questions to discuss about Easter dog treats, as one cat lover asked, “Anything similar for cats?” Another confirmed, writing, “What about cats? No treats for them? »

However, some dog owners were more cautious about letting their pets take the treats, with one saying their dog got sick from the peanut butter dog chocolate. Another added: “The last time my dog ​​ate dog chocolate it made him so sick.”

B&M’s description reads, “Let your dog go on an Easter egg hunt this year with this delicious Scooby Snacks Scavenger Hunt Kit for Dogs.” Your dog will have hours of egg hunting fun in this fantastic treasure hunt kit, made with dogs. carob chocolate.”

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