B&M sells steps for your dog

The land of discount candy, wholesale candles and just about everything else just launched its newest and cutest product yet.

B&M Stores’ latest restocked addition to their hoard is “Pet Stairs” and it’s exactly what it says on the box – stairs for your pet.

Credit: B&M Stores

The item seems to be designed so that your pets can easily climb aboard the harder to reach parts of your furniture. Perfect for being propped up in front of a sofa, this product can totally revolutionize your pet’s life.

Priced at £14, the Pet Stairs are a complete bargain. Not only pretty to look at, the pet stairs are multi-functional and offer three pocketed compartments to store all of your pet’s clutter, from toys to blankets and collars to balls.

Holding up to 30kg, the stairs seem to be designed for smaller puppies – so maybe don’t buy too early if you have a Labrador.

Credit: B&M Stores
Credit: B&M Stores

In an Instagram post, B&M advertised the product as “Ideal for older or smaller pets; they can come and join you instantly on the couch.”

Dog lovers everywhere flocked to the comments section to praise the new puppy product.

“It would definitely help us cause more harm,” one user commented.

Another gave rave comments, “These are amazing.”

Credit: Instagram/bm_stores/dexter_thelittlesausage
Credit: Instagram/bm_stores/dexter_thelittlesausage

A bunch of people were also wondering when the once sold out product would finally be back in stock following such demand after the first launch, “I really need to get one for my old dog. I’ve been to four B&M stores and I can’t find any.”

It’s not the first time a UK retailer has come up with a totally adorable product for your pet that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it.

Asda has also jumped on the trend and is now selling a Dog Gazebo for an impressive £29 – perfect timing for the approaching summer season.

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