Business alert! This best-selling Roomba is $4 off its Black Friday price


Maintaining spotless floors is a difficult task to manage due to tangled cords, tight corners, low furniture and hard-to-clean stairs. However, robot vacuums make the burden of lugging around a heavy upright vacuum obsolete. If you’ve been hesitating about buying a robot vacuum, now’s the time to buy, because the popular iRobot Roomba 692 robot vacuum is currently 40% off, just $4 off its Black Friday cut price.

The customer-favorite robot vacuum features a powerful three-stage cleaning system with two brush heads that loosen and trap dirt, dust and pet hair from all floor types. It comes with edge sweeping brushes that work at a 27 degree angle to sweep dirt off your walls. The smart vacuum also has dirt detection sensors that increase its suction power in high traffic areas. It also features a patented AeroVac filter that traps allergens, dander, dust and pollen, according to the brand.



To buy: $179 (instead of $300);

In addition to advanced dirt detection sensors, the vacuum also has smart navigation sensors that allow it to adapt to your space and maneuver around corners and furniture while avoiding edges, such as stairs and curbs. balconies. The robot vacuum works for up to 90 minutes before automatically returning to its base to recharge. All of these features are controlled via the iRobot mobile app or voice command, where you can also schedule cleanings and receive suggestions during allergy and pet shedding seasons.

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Over 52,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rating, so it’s no surprise that the robot vacuum cleaner is the best seller in its category. Reviewers love the vacuum because of its strong suction power, smart navigation sensors, and schedule settings that make it easy to achieve sparkling floors.

“I can’t believe how much hair it picked up even after sweeping my floor,” said a buyer with two cats and two dogs. They also added that their floors “have never looked cleaner.” Another reviewer said the Roomba changed their lives because it was so good at picking up pet hair.

Head to Amazon to pick up the best-selling iRobot Roomba robot vacuum on sale for $179 to banish dirt and pet hair from your floors without lifting a finger.

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