Cebu stores boost sales by selling on Shopee

Reydan and Katrina Adlawan started selling fish as pets and other aquatic products in 2018. Katrina, a nurse, and Reydan, who worked in construction, met buyers who found their products through Facebook.

The two wanted to open a pet store. They sold fish, including rare fish, and related products.

“We realized that it is easier to market our items if we put them on Shopee since Shopee is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the Philippines. The market is really big in the Philippines,” said Katrina at the launch in Cebu of the Shopee 6.6 and 7.7. Mid-year sale on May 27th.

CEBU SELLERS. Shopee highlighted Cebu-based stores when they launched versions 6.6 and 7.7. Mid-year sale on May 27th. (L to R) Jimmy Martinez of In Sweet J&J, Martin Yu, director of Shopee Philippines, and Reydan and Katrina Adlawan of Fish Daddeh.

The two set up Fish Daddeh on Shopee to sell fish food and other products like dog and cat food, pet supplies and other accessories.

Katrina said they quit their job to focus on the online store as sales increased.

The nice thing about selling on Shopee is that sales go up and you need less labor, Reydan said. He said they didn’t need to date anymore.

“We just pack the items at our house and in our store and wait for our courier to pick them up the next day. It really helped us increase our sales, not to mention payday sales, 33, 44 and 66 sales to come,” Reydan said.

Another Cebu store that has seen sales increase by being on Shopee is In Sweet J&J. The store sells fashion accessories, said Jimmy Martinez, who handles day-to-day operations and customer relations.

Martinez said they started out as a brick-and-mortar store, but their business really grew when they started selling on Shopee. Giving freebies and regular Shopee sales have helped them attract more customers.

GROWTH IN THE VISAYAS.  Shopee Philippines manager Martin Yu said they
GROWTH IN THE VISAYAS. Shopee Philippines Director Martin Yu said they are “working very hard to meet the growing needs of shoppers in the Visayas region”.

He said it also helps customers shop more easily on Shopee. He said they also make sure customers know about their purchase by taking pictures of items they ordered online.

The e-commerce platform has “worked very hard to meet the growing needs of shoppers in the Visayas region,” said Shopee Philippines director Martin Yu.

“This year, we have established more Shopee express hubs in places like Cebu, Bogo, Moalboal and neighboring provinces like Negros, Samar and Leyte. These new hubs have allowed us to expand Shopee’s service areas, giving more Visayan shoppers greater access to all of their shopping needs,” Yu said.

Shopee saw growth in the Visayas, seeing a 45% increase in new users, a 35% increase in new sellers, a 4.8x increase in payments, and a 15x increase in Shopee orders Pay.

Yu said Shopee has set up “warehouses that carry more brands and wider assortments in the region.”

“With these new hubs and warehouses, buyers in Visayas buying from sellers in the region can expect to receive items faster. They will have a better experience,” Yu said.

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