Chloe, Dottie are little dogs with a lot of love to give

Raising: Chloe is a PomChi; Dottie is a Chihuahua

Age: 6 to 8 years old

Mass: Chloe weighs 8 pounds; Dottie weighs 5 pounds

Gender: female

Modified: Program

About Chloe and Dottie: These two little girls are ready to fill your heart and your home with love. It seems that they have been together their whole lives and are very bonded, so they will have to be adopted together. Chloe likes to play “big dog” and barks at strangers or guards her treats. Dottie likes to hide behind Chloe to feel safe. Chloe loves playing with toys while Dottie can live without them, but that could change in a home environment. The girls are happy to see their humans, love to kiss, and enjoy being held. They will need a patient owner to bring out their amazing qualities and would do best in an adult-only home. They would like to have a constant companion at home (someone retired or working from home). If you need a little love in small packages in your life, meet Chloe and Dottie!

Other information: Chloe’s long hair will require professional grooming. They both walk on a leash, although Dottie prefers to be carried. Both will go to the bathroom on a potty mat, but they love going out and are used to the “Go potty” command. Due to their small size, it is best to stay outside with them. They will both have their microchips and their vaccines.


Currently, only pets are shown by appointment. Please complete the application on the website first and Pets N Pals will contact you.

Address: 12488 S. Harlan Road, Lathrop


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