Costco is selling a “friends” themed advent calendar and could we be more excited? !

It doesn’t matter if your presents come from a gas station or if you get a visit from the holiday armadillo instead of Santa – Christmas is all about the people you spend it with. Now you can enjoy the countdown to December 25 with your friends Rachel, Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey because Costco is selling Friends: the official Advent calendar! Could we be more excited? !

Instagram user @costcobuys spotted the Friends-themed advent calendar at Costco, sharing a video yesterday. The green box is covered with cute references from the series, such as Marcel the monkey wearing a Santa hat and gifts addressed to all the characters. The calendar includes 25 days of surprises, including mini-books, little keepsakes from the iconic ’90s series, and more, for just $18.99. (*Enter “Oh. My. GOD!” from Janice here.*)

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“This Friends advent calendar is PERFECT for all fans of the series!” @cotscobuys captioned the video. “Revisit iconic moments from the series with mini books, memorabilia and more! Grab this for $18.99 at Costco!

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The video – set to “I’ll be there for you”, of course – shows a glimpse inside, where you can open small boxes decorated with Monica’s purple door with the gold frame, a turkey wearing sunglasses , stockings, photos from the show and a cup of coffee from Central Perk. There are 45 memorabilia in total, including quizzes, stationery, and other fun fan items.

“Nostalgic and entertaining, Friends: the official Advent calendar is an exclusive must-have for all Friends fan,” reads the back of the calendar. “It’s the perfect way to capture memories of the series as you celebrate the holidays with this timeless collection.”

It doesn’t matter if you just saw Friends first time or if you’ve been a fan since its debut in September 1994, this calendar is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season with little gifts each day from your favorite series.

One fan commented, “I want this even though we don’t celebrate Christmas lol” which is totally fine! Use it to count down to another holiday or simply open each box as a daily surprise for yourself.

What if you don’t have a Costco membership? No worries – you can get a similar Friends– themed advent calendar on Amazon.

Friends: The Official Advent Calendar Volume 2, Amazon – $15.11

Amazon - Credit: Amazon

Amazon – Credit: Amazon


The 2021 version of Friends: The Official Advent Calendar, Volume 2, which is also filled with surprises from the series’ iconic moments. This contains things like paper ornaments, recipe cards, a pocket calendar, and pictures. This will make waiting for the holidays even more fun!

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