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For those considering bringing a furry friend into their lives, a trip to PETstock Delacombe this weekend could spell the moment it becomes a reality. Approximately 30 rescue cats and kittens available for adoption will be ready to meet at the La Trobe Street location on Saturday, March 19 as part of PETstock’s National Pet Adoption Month. At Guy Small Animal Rescue will partner with PETstock to do same-day adoptions, the longest part of the adoption process, said rescuer Brenda Guy, was choosing which animal to bring home. “There’s so much choice in general, plus making sure it fits the person and stuff like that,” she said. “Once they’ve spoken to us and the kittens have been selected, the actual adoption process only takes about 10 minutes.” IN OTHER NEWS: According to PetRescue, every year 80,000 urban stray cats are killed by municipalities to manage ownerless animals. PETstock Assist’s motto for this month is ‘Adopt Different’, encouraging Australians to refocus their thinking on how they can make more sustainable choices, eliminate unfair pet adoption biases and solve the current crisis by considering a pet that needs it the most. As well as playing a part in tackling pet homelessness, Ms Guy said adoption is much cheaper than other ways to get a pet because all animals are already tested and checked. “The kittens are already temperament tested, as they were raised in foster homes,” she said. “Caregivers can tell you if the kittens are good with their dog or not or whatever, it’s more likely to work out in a positive way.” For those unable to adopt, animals will be available to take home. Bianca Vervoort, Alfredton’s mum, said her family nurtures the kittens to give them a good start in life and teaches her children about the animals’ life cycle and where they come from. “I teach them that they were either abandoned by people who can no longer take care of them, or they were found as stray kittens,” she said. “We teach them that we need to take care of them so they can find their forever homes.” For ten-year-old Luca and eight-year-old Cadence, foster care is something they would recommend to anyone considering it. “100% that’s awesome, and you should do it, because it helps kittens have homes,” Luca said. Her sister agrees. “I would say it’s fun to be in foster care because you have a lot of cats to snuggle with and they play with you a lot,” Cadence said. “When you hold a cat, it’s like holding a big squishy melon.” Have you subscribed to The Courier’s variety of informational emails? You can sign up below and make sure you’re up to date with everything happening in Ballarat.


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