Does Jeffree Star kill his yaks? YouTuber admits to selling minced meat

Jeffree Star sells yak meat. The YouTuber bought a huge ranch after moving to Wyoming last year, and he has over 120 yaks on his ranch property.

People believed that animals were Star’s pets, and so when the beauty mogul with a vegan beauty brand posted pictures of yak meat on her social media account, people were shocked.

We made a #Yak a pop-up meat shop in Wyoming today and hundreds of people walked out with just 12 hours notice! ❤️🥩 It was great to see so many locals buying our USDA inspected grass fed meat! My online store will be launched next month!

Jeffree Star started a yak meat business

The influencer posted photos of the meat produced on his Twitter account. He also posted the images to the Star Yak Ranch Instagram feed.

Stop using the same regurgitated quote from last year when I said “all my yaks are pets..” 🌾 THEY ARE. But months later I learned how #yak the meat is and I started to enjoy learning where my food comes from… Educate yourself and don’t fuss right away.

The images shocked his followers and other internet users because Jeffree Star called the yaks “his pets”. Star then took to Twitter and Instagram to share his reason for slaughtering the yaks.

He defended himself in an Instagram story saying:

“I like an open conversation. People are so interested in meat, which is so exciting. But when you’re raised in Los Angeles, you don’t know anything about hunting. You don’t know the culture where it comes from. your food.”

He said he used to eat unhealthy fast food which made him ‘grossed’ and now only eats yak meat, which he knows is hormone-free and other chemicals. He added:

“It’s the safest and healthiest way, and as I get older I really want to take care of myself, so we raise yaks for pets and livestock. Obviously I have almost 120 animals pet, but we are slowly producing yak meat for our people in Wyoming.”

He later posted more stories on Instagram saying he was neither a ‘hypocrite’ nor a ‘liar’, and the idea of ​​selling yak meat evolved months after he bought the ranch. . He said:

“I’m not a hypocrite, I’m not a liar, I’m me. I bought a ranch, months later ideas evolved.”

Jeffree Star said many of the yaks on the farm are definitely his pets. He added:

“I started raising yaks over a year ago, and I still have 120 pets. And all the yaks I posted on social media are my pet. Any animal with a tag and a name is my pet.”

He also said he always ate meat and never claimed to be vegan. He said his brand remained vegan to serve vegan customers. He said:

“I’m in year eight of Jeffree’s star cosmetics, and I created it to be inclusive and everyone can wear it.”

Internet users react to the yak meat business

youtube cover

In September, Twitter user Kate Tenbarge called out Jeffree Star when he dropped “Star Yak Ranch” under products like clothing, pet food, natural fibers, butchers, animal husbandry and stud services.

The Tweet received considerable attention on the internet, leading Star to respond to the allegations. He shared that he filed the categories to protect his brand and business. He added that the yaks on the ranch were safe. He said:

“If you stragglers try to tell a fake story that I do this and that, all you flaks. Nothing happens to them but brush them and love them and feed them.”

Tenbarge posted about Star’s new business venture, referencing his September 2021 tweet. Many other users also shared their shock on Twitter.

Disclaimer: The Lesser News About Your TLLWhen I first reported on Jeffree Star’s brand of yak meat last year, he quickly made a story saying his yaks were just for petting and loving. Fast forward less than a year and he’s selling YAK JERKY…

@JeffreeStar “Months later I realized how profitable yak meat was so I started slaughtering my pets even though I was selling vegan makeup”

jeffree star killing yaks for the meat market is a pivot i really didn’t see coming

jeffree star has really slaughtered his pet yaks and is selling the meat 😭

jeffree star moved to this ranch to raise yaks and now he sells their meat yooooo i really thought he kept them as pets wtf

Jeffree Star going from selling “cruelty-free vegan” makeup to selling yak meat really shows that the morals and ethics of the wealthy are all about what looks most profitable at the time.

jeffree star getting a yak farm saying they are pets and for wool and all that then now selling yak meat and jerky is so funny im sorry co/LdhMuRnvRT

Do you all think Jeffree Star calls his yaks a racial slur before he butchers and eats them?

I think people are pushing fake stories no one is trying to cancel Jeffree star for making yak meat from yak people are just confused as to why he lied to this topic. that’s all

The company sells ground meat, jerky, steak and other meat products. The meat products are only available in their Wyoming warehouse, but will start selling online next month.

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