Fart-selling influencer hospitalized after going too far

A woman who earns thousands of dollars selling farts suffered what she thought was a heart attack after taking too much breath away. Steph Matto, an American influencer, had won the equivalent of £ 147,000 farting in jars. She would sell 50 mouthwatering jars each week, charging £ 740 a pop. To keep up with the demand, she switched to a high-fiber diet, but recently found herself in O&A with chest pain. “I was doing too much,” she said.

The robotic cat will bite your fingers

A Japanese company has released a flexible robot in the shape of a cat that can nibble on a user’s fingertips. The Amagami Ham Ham has an algorithm that selects one of 24 snack patterns so that a user can never be sure what will happen when they put their fingers in their robotic animal’s mouth. The inventor said that the cat “frees humanity from the riddle of” whether or not to pursue “forbidden pleasure.”

Fish are falling from the sky in Texas

Fish fell from the sky in Texas to the surprise of the locals. Residents of the city of Texarkana were shocked when small fish appeared to be coming from the sky as the city is hours away from all water. Animal rain occurs when small aquatic animals like frogs, crabs, and small fish are swept away by waterspouts or drafts that occur on the surface of the earth and then rain along with the rain.

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