Florida woman arrested for selling ‘aggressive’ monkey to teenager

A 15-year-old girl first complained after having to be hospitalized after being bitten by a capuchin monkey, according to FWC.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — *Some photos may disturb readers.

A Putnam County woman has been arrested after allegedly illegally selling a monkey to a 15-year-old girl, who later had to be hospitalized after biting it.

Joann Newberger, 75, received a citation for possession of captive wildlife for commercial or sanctuary purposes without a permit by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

She was also charged with four counts of unlawful possession of conservation animals by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

The 15-year-old girl and her mother first complained after she had to be hospitalized following a bite by a capuchin monkey, according to a report by the FWC.

The teenager and her mother told FWC they bought the money from a local woman.

The teenager told FWC officers she found an ad online selling a capuchin monkey for $9,500. She said the ad listed Joan Newberger as the contact and a phone number for contact information.

The teenager and her mother told authorities they met Newberger in Satsuma to buy the monkey on November 22, 2021.

They described to FWC that Newberger took them to a trailer on the property, where they saw the capuchin monkey and a marmoset monkey. The teenager and her mother said they bought the capuchin monkey and received a bill of sale signed by Newberger.

The teenager and her mother told FWC that they had asked for papers and Newberger replied that she had none but “headed straight for the Florida line” before being arrested, so that we don’t ask them for a permit.

They told FWC they left with the monkey but decided to return it later because they were worried about the legality of the transaction and the monkey was “aggressive”.

The report says Newberger agreed to pay back $9,000 of the $9,500, and while the mother counted the money, the daughter leaned down to pet the monkey and waved goodbye when it bit her on your finger.

Newberger gave FWC consent to enter the property, where they reportedly located a capuchin monkey and a marmoset monkey in his trailer.

The FWC report says that since Newberger does not have a license to own wild animals, the capuchin monkey was sized up by authorities.

FWC says that in 2016, Newberger was also cited twice by FWC law enforcement for her capuchin monkey biting people.

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