GHOST threw boxes at a pet store

Do you believe in the existence of ghosts? While many will affirm their existence, others will reject it. However, whether or not spirits and ghosts exist remains to be proven. As the argument continues, various films and CCTV recordings from around the world capturing paranormal activity weaken the case for non-believers. And now, after security camera footage of a pet shop in the UK started spreading across social media, there’s a recent addition to that group.

It all started when Rebecca Harrington, owner of Purdy’s Pet Shop in Coventry, discovered strange happenings in her store. Store employees were terrified of working there because business had escalated so much. Toys tossed off a shelf, consumers yanked, and agitated pets – the episodes seemed inexplicable. Rebecca was able to record these encounters on CCTV, and the films are pretty scary to watch.

Local ghost hunters were brought in to investigate, according to The Mirror, and reported the store was owned by a man who was “irritated” by the presence of company staff. “We held a session for charity as many of our clients are ghost hunters.” It was weird because when one of the hunters left the area, she was chased away by a swarm of orbs and she was in a panic. They believe it was a man who lived in the area. Because it’s been a shop for 40 or 50 years we believe it was raided during the war as Coventry was hit hard. They don’t believe he’s upset; rather, they believe he is unhappy that we are here.”

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