Google sues alleged puppy scammer for selling fake dogs

On Monday, Google sued an alleged puppy scammer who used its services to sell purebred puppies that didn’t exist. The lawsuit was filed in California National Court against Nche Noel Ntse of Cameroon, who allegedly used Gmail, fake websites, a Google Ads campaign and Google Voice phone numbers to scam vulnerable people, such as elderly Internet users. looking to buy a fluffy friend, out of hundreds or thousands. Google seeks legal relief for damages.

The defendant allegedly received payment in gift cards. In one instance, he collected $700 from a South Carolina resident looking for a basset hound before later requesting an additional $1,500 due to increased “delivery company” costs.

Nche Noel Ntse is accused of running several similar websites selling different breeds of puppies, including Maltipoos and Bassets. Google also believes it controlled a fraudulent website that claimed to sell marijuana and prescription opiate cough syrup.

Weft! — “Unfortunately, this scam disproportionately targeted older Americans, who may be more vulnerable to cyberattacks,” Google representatives wrote in a Monday blog post titled “Hunting Scammers with Litigation.” The authors offered four tips for internet users hoping to avoid a pet scam: see the pet in person (or on a video call) before paying, use verified payment methods (no gift cards ), use reverse image search and research the seller online.

According to the Better Business Bureau, 35% of all online shopping scams reported to it in 2021 were “pet scams.” Believe it or not, this is not the first Cameroonian puppy scammer to face charges from Google. Last year, a 28-year-old Cameroonian pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud online pet buyers.

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