Hāwera High School supports charity by selling pet beds

Adib Ridzuan (left) and Felix Butler, both 14, make pet beds. Photo/ Provided

A school project provides comfortable beds for pets and supports a local charity.

Hāwera High School students Felix Butler, Adib Ridzuan and Charlotte Tippett, all 14 years old and in 10th grade, make and sell pet beds as part of a project in their financial literacy class.

Felix says the three signed up for the course to learn valuable skills.

“It seemed like the class would teach us some great skills and also be a lot of fun.”

For the class, students had to create groups, then plan a business and sell products. Adib says the three decided to sell pet beds after talking to Felix’s mother.

“She’s a veterinarian and suggested pet beds because there’s a big market for them right now.”

Felix says it was easy to decide which charity to support.

“We went with Taranaki Animal Trust as they are a charity that helps rehabilitate animals and also relies on donations to keep running. We give them 20% of the proceeds we make.”

He says community support has helped the group cope with the influx of orders it has received.

“We get untreated pallets from farmers and buy cushion material from farm shops. We got a lot of old pillows and duvet covers for cushion stuffing.”

The group makes the pet beds after school and on weekends.

“The number of orders has exceeded our expectations. We are working very hard to provide everyone with a comfortable bed to sleep on.”

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