How your pet could keep you from selling your home – and devaluing your property by the thousands

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We may be a nation of animal lovers, but new research has shown that having a pet could not only discourage potential buyers when you want to sell your home, but also devalue your home by up to £11,000.

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Real estate and lettings agent, Barrows and Forrester, has revealed that having pets is one of the top five pushbacks from homebuyers, especially when it comes to seeing pet hair. pets in the carpets and strong pet odors in the air.


Having a pet could reduce the value of your home by £11,000

They could reduce their perceived value of a house by 4%, or £11,000so it’s worth deep cleaning carpets and upholstery before putting your home on the market to eliminate any signs of your furry friends.

Cleanliness is a priority for homebuyers, and agents recommend opening windows a few hours before viewing to remove odors, as well as tidying up and decluttering. Failure to do so could reduce the potential market value by 11%, or £11,000.

messy house exterior

Poor maintenance of a property’s exterior and garden is another big problem

You’ll want to tidy up outside while you’re there too, as poor maintenance of a property’s exterior and garden has proven to be another big issue. Research has found that poor overall condition and shoddy appearance have a huge impact on first impressions, completely turning a buyer off before they even step into the property.

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Tidying up your home’s exterior can be as simple as touching up damaged paint and cleaning decks, and it could pay dividends. If the garden is overgrown or used as a dumping ground, buyers probably already have a negative opinion of the house before they even set foot there, and such is the power of this deactivation that it can reduce the value of a house by more than 14%, or £38,600.

Two things sellers may not have as much control over are parking issues, which could devalue a property by up to £22,500, and annoying neighbours, which could reduce the asking price by at least 10 % – around £27,376 based on the current average. house price.

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