I went to the Peckham pub selling ‘the cheapest pint in London’ but it still cost me £3.20 – Rory Bennett

Not so long ago, a Reddit thread caught my eye. “Where can you find the cheapest in London?” pint he asked, and of course my interest was piqued. Thirsty, I scanned the reviews for good recommendations and found myself scratching my head. Although internet Londoners have stoically avoided giving the obvious answer of ‘anywhere there is a Wetherspoons’, many of the suggestions they have made would make an out-of-towner blush in embarrassment. .

Prices like £4 and £3.50 were traded around as if they were somehow the best deal on the planet which made me realize painfully how far the cost of a pint in London had gone . I once saw my friend pay £7.40 for a pint of Asahi in Mayfair which almost made me choke on my gold encrusted pheasant.

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It was much better than I expected and the pints were very good value

More seriously, Londoners’ belief that the cheapest pint in town is £3.20 is a little discouraging, perhaps it’s a sign that pub culture is truly being ripped from the working class and handed over to a few yuppies in the form of a 1/3 pint of Belgo-Madegascienne dark IPA for £8. However, places that are still willing to offer cheap pints deserve a bit more exposure and there’s no denying that in London £3.20 is dirt cheap.

The location of this cheap pint popped up several times in the thread and I was afraid to check it out for myself. The Nags Head in Peckham is a place I have been to before a few years ago.

I much prefer the decor the second time around - even though there are more skulls
I much prefer the decor the second time around – even though there are more skulls

At the time, it was really quite depressing. It had a setting that hadn’t been updated since the 1960s and was filled with sunken-looking dudes who seemed to be using the fruitiness as a distraction because they still couldn’t face the reality of a world without Lady Diana.

Cheap but not cheerful it looked like your grandma’s house if it had been taken over by a biker gang, in short it was not very attractive. However, when I looked at it before going, it looks like the pub has had a facelift.

The sports bar conversion seems to have worked, the pub was almost full
The sports bar conversion seems to have worked, the pub was almost full

It was taken over by Craft Union, a pub chain specializing in sports bars, and turned into something a little more accessible to the wider community. What was so impressive about the pub was its mix of clientele.

They’ve clearly managed to retain at least some of their old clientele, so now instead of sitting in deafening silence and looking miserable, they sit listening to indie music and have the look a little less miserable. The revamp has also attracted young people to try out the pub and old and new customers seem happy to mix.

A man willing to sound miserable listening to indie music
A man willing to sound miserable listening to indie music

It was also good news for me who loves to listen to indie music and sound miserable. The pint was as cheap as promised with a round of Guinness for £3.20 poultry.

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Despite my apprehension, I thoroughly enjoyed my whirlwind visit to the pub and found myself wishing it was the Nags Head that had been the same when I lived in the area. Overall the staff are friendly, the drinks aren’t expensive and the patrons are a good mix of old and young – what more could you ask for?

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