Interstate Pet Trade Burst, Arrested for Selling Budgie Hatchlings

On Saturday, police busted an interstate pet trade by arresting a 26-year-old for illegally selling parakeet hatchlings on Belagere Road near Varthur.

Defendant Bharath had purchased a total of 26 birds from the forest areas of Tamil Nadu for trade in Bengaluru. Police arrested Bharath and seized 26 ‘Alexandrine’ parakeets after an officer was tipped off by a source.

As they are listed in Schedule IV and protected under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, these birds should not be trapped, kept in captivity or traded as pets.

“We received information that the birds had been brought from Tamil Nadu to Bengaluru and he was trying to sell them. He had made contact with someone in the other state through a friend lead. We are investigating to gather more details,” a policeman from the Varthur station said. DH.

Police also discovered that the 26 newborns had been brought into town on a private bus. “As the newborns are very small, they were easily transported on a bus in a small basket,” the officer added.

They handed over the newborns to the rescue center in Bannerghatta.

When the accused was brought before the magistrate, the court reportedly asked the police to hand over the case to the Forest Department as they had no jurisdiction in the matter. Following direction, Bharath was released on bail.

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