Jason Oppenheim Talks “Selling Sunset,” Breaking Up, and Favorite Products

Jason Oppenheim, chairman of leading brokerage firm The Oppenehim Group and star of “Selling Sunset,” has had a mix of recent ups and downs.

After having a stellar real estate year in 2021, launching “Selling The OC” and enduring a public breakup with co-star Chrishell Stause, Jason, 45, hasn’t left the spotlight.

That exposure is only skyrocketing as season five of “Selling Sunset” hits the Netflix streaming service on April 22.

” I do not take [filming] for granted because it’s fun,” Jason told the New York Post. “I can do it with my best friends. It’s good for business.

But with a consistent filming schedule, you can’t always hide what you don’t want others to see.

“[My breakup with Crishell is] I didn’t expect me to put on camera,” the “Selling Sunset” star said. “I’m just kind of focused on how Chrishell and I are doing right now, and watching that was really difficult for me.”

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While viewers will get a glimpse of the old “Selling Sunset” romance, fans may also remember former new agent Vanessa Villela. Now, season five expands the team even further with Chelsea Lazkani, the British-Nigerian star who quickly teams up with troublemaker Christine Quinn.

“She’s very straightforward and very honest, and I think she’s endeared herself to women,” Jason explained. “She is doing very well professionally, which is most important to me.”

Sell ​​sunset.  (L to R) Chelsea Lazkani, Christine Quinn in Selling Sunset Season 5.  cr.  Mitchell Haaseth/Netflix © 2022
Mitchell Haaseth/Netflix © 2022

But during the most notable moment of our interview, Jason tore down his walls and exclusively shared with The Post that he “couldn’t be in a better place” right now.

“I have a good balance right now,” the real estate broker said. “Apart from always coping, processing and dealing with – or whatever you want to call it – the breakup and this new season outside of that, I think life is great.”

You can see the little things that bring him joy as he shows off his current favorite products in the video above – and it’s too good not to watch, as Jason lights up talking about ice cream , sandals and more.

Keep scrolling to shop Jason’s current favorites. You can even see them during season five of “Selling Sunset.”

Jason Oppenheim’s Favorite Products

1. APL Women’s Lusso Slide, $195

APL sandals
Athletic Propulsion Laboratories

“These slides are so comfortable and perfect for laid back days,” Jason explained. “My brother and I love them and have several pairs.”

It’s understandable why the Oppenheim brothers stocked up on these slides, as they’re at the intersection of luxury and comfort. Oprah herself even named them one of her favorite things of 2021.

2. Ray-Ban 55MM Aviator Sunglasses (Blue), $178

Ray Ban Sunglasses

“These are my favorite sunglasses that I wear every day, and I have at least five pairs of them. Admittedly, I lose them a lot and I keep ordering more,” says the 45-year-old woman.

We’d also keep ordering more, as they feature a classic aviator shape, gradient coloring, and can even be customized with prescription lenses.

Polo Casablanca
Saks Fifth Avenue

“I wore a couple of these shirts to Coachella and love how comfortable and stylish they are,” Jason shared with The Post.

If we were at Coachella we would have opted for these as well. After all, nothing screams “Jason” more than a classic, chic polo shirt.

Dog food
Just dog food

We all know how much Jason loves his fur babies, so it only makes sense that he feeds them the best of the best.

“It’s my favorite food for my dogs, Niko and Zelda, which they eat twice a day,” Jason explained. “All the ingredients are high quality and my dogs can’t get enough of them.”

He even let us know that Crishell started feeding her pooch the same food.

Nespresso pods

We never have enough coffee, and neither does Jason.

“I prefer them to the caffeinated pods and drink one a day with a dash of cream at work,” the real estate mogul tells us. “Keep my energy up and it’s delicious!

The Amazon pack gives you 30 individually wrapped pods.

6. Plant Botanical Hard Vodka Seltzer, $17-$32

vodka seltzer
reserve bar

“Hard seltzer water is one of my favorite drinks, and they’re great for drinking on the weekends with friends,” Jason said.

We agree, because seltzer vodka has only 100 calories, one gram of sugar, one carb, and is gluten-free.

Golden dog bowl
Buster and punch

“Buster and Punch is my go-to for all the fixtures and hardware details in my remodels, and the brass dog bowl is so beautiful and perfectly matches my style.”

Additionally, the dog bowl is made from stamped stainless steel, features a brushed and sandblasted finish, and includes a small B+P logo.

Glo sunscreen

We love a man who takes care of his skin, and that’s why we’re big fans of Jason.

“I wear this sunscreen every day and love how it feels on my skin and also helps prevent sun aging,” Jason explained.

The product is also formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5 which increases skin hydration while Vitamin E protects your skin from oxidative stress.

fake succulents

“Artificial succulents are perfect for decorating my homes and staging my ads,” said the Oppenheim Group Chairman. “They look very realistic and can also be personalized.”

If you’re looking for other artificial plant options, check out our full roundup here.

dog camera

Jason brings him home with another pet product for his furry babies.

“This camera is perfect for keeping tabs on my kids and making sure they’re safe while I’m busy listing appointments and showings,” Jason said.

With a camera that includes live video streaming, two-way audio, treat tossing, easy setup and more, we think Jason got it right.

Check out New York Post Shopping for more recommendations.

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