An Garda Siochána have issued a warning after arresting the driver of a Range Rover registered outside the Republic of Ireland who they believe was traveling in the Kilkenny area to sell pressure washers.

Gardaí, in Kilkenny Unit C, met the man earlier this month, who described the pressure washers he sold as “waste”. Gardaí also reported that there had been suggestions that the man’s sales tactics were “arrogant”.

In a post on Facebook, guard said:

“The driver of this non-Republic of Ireland jeep was met by members of Unit C Kilkenny a short time ago. He walks around selling pressure washers which he described to the guys as “garbage”. Not a big endorsement.

“It is suggested that his sales techniques could be described as ‘pushy’. The best advice is still good advice, buy a product or service you trust from a source you trust.

Source: An Garda Siochana

People are now reminded that they should always buy a product or service from a trusted source and make sure to get proof of purchase.

dog attack warning

Elsewhere, Gardaí in Donegal has warned dog owners to keep their pets under control as the lambing season continues for sheep farmers.

Dog attacks on sheep are a particular problem for farmers at this time of year, as domestic animals can cause serious damage if allowed to roam freely on farmland. Gardaí asked people to secure their dogs, get them microchipped and make sure they are registered with their vets.

“Please keep your pet under effective control. It is lambing season,” Gardaí said.

The conversation around dog attacks on sheep continues, with some calling for dogs to be banned from farmland and hillsides.

John Joe Fitzgerald, Vice President of the Kerry Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA), said Agriland early March (2022) concerns about high volumes of stray dogs near farmland.

He said the county is concerned that a proposed ban on dogs on blue flag beaches in the summer could cause more owners to bring their pets to farmland and hills for exercise.