Krispy Kreme sells donut treats for dogs

Dogs love praise and pets, but if you really want to show your appreciation for your canine companion, give them something to eat. In honor of National Dog Day on Friday, August 26, Krispy Kreme is selling limited-edition dog biscuits to customers who want to share a snack break with their pet.

According Food & Wine, Krispy Kreme’s special treats are made to look like the donuts they sell to people. The boxes (green-and-white-type customers know) come with six varieties, including chocolate glaze and strawberry glaze with sprinkles. The cookies look like the real thing, but instead of traditional ingredients, they’re made with dog-safe foods like carob and peanut butter.

Krispy Kreme’s donut mastery doesn’t necessarily translate to dog food, so they collaborated with Huds and Toke for the promotion. The Australian company is known for making colorful pet treats suitable for special occasions. In addition to their donut-shaped treats, Huds and Toke makes dog birthday cookies and cakes. Their creations for Krispy Kreme are made with human-grade ingredients, so dog owners shouldn’t feel bad about sneaking a snack if they’re that curious.

The donut chain will launch the “dog donuts” in stores this Friday, August 25, and will continue to sell them throughout the weekend while supplies last. If you fail to grab treats before they run out, you may have better luck finding the dog bandana that Krispy Kreme is selling as part of the promotion. The red accessory includes cartoon bones, paw prints, and donuts, and it’s also available on a limited basis.

[h/t Food & Wine]

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