Lahore Safari Zoo sells lions due to population increase

Lahore Safari Zoo is a vacation spot for Lahore people where they actually drive among the lions. Lahore Safari currently has 29 lions, 6 tigers and 2 jaguars. Due to the increase in population, Lahore Safari Zoo is selling lions to reduce the size of lion pride.

Lahore Safari Zoo sells lions to cut expenses

Lahore safari zoo selling lions

Safari Zoo Lahore is auctioning lions between the ages of two and five on August 11. Assistant manager Tanveer Ahmad Janjua said that due to the size of the pride, the lions have to take turns going to the paddock. This forces them to allocate space for the lions as well as a high expense to feed them properly.

Lahore Safari Zoo is situated on an area of ​​200 acres and has the best facilities for visitors as well as animals. The lions there live the best life we ​​can see in their growing population. But, the management of Safari Park could not afford such an increase in expenses.

So, the price of Lahore Safari Zoo selling lion starts from Rs. 150,000 ($700). This auction will hopefully result in a revenue of around Rs. 2 million for the park.

Who will buy?

People will easily buy these big cats due to the increased demand as pets. However, lions are not considered pets, but the status quo has reduced the value of lions as pets. The people of Pakistan make lion keeping a popular pet among them. People keep posting their photos and videos with lions on their social media accounts.

What are the conditions of purchase?

Also last year, the sale of lion news at Lahore Safari Zoo drew a lot of reactions. But for lack of sufficient compulsory documents, they could not buy these big cats.

This year, the auction is only open to those who meet all requirements and are registered with provincial authorities. Steps are taken to ensure that they are legally responsible for the care of the animals. They must also provide evidence of their ability to provide proper animal care and shelter. If the buyers have all the necessary documents and the ability to keep the animals, they could buy them at auction.

Is this acceptable by the talkers?

Lahore safari zoo selling lions

People have mixed opinions about buying and selling animals. Especially in the event of a population increase, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) argues that animals should not be sold. According to them, it is better to relocate them to other zoos or to sterilize the females or put them on contraception. In this way, we could control the population, thus reducing expenses.

A WWF official objected to the sale of animals, saying: “The exchange and donation of animals between zoos is a widely accepted practice. Once an institution, like a zoo, puts a price tag on a wildlife species, it promotes trade, which is counterproductive for conservation.

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