Local animal shelters are full due to low pet adoption rate

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX / KJTL) – Wichita Falls Animal Service Center and Emily’s Legacy Rescue have seen a surge in the number of animals coming through the gates. But what they don’t see is an increase in the number of pet adoptions.

They think the reason the shelters are so crowded is that it is these summer months and people are going out so much. They say whatever the reason, they just want to see more of these animals find forever homes.

Local pet rescue and adoption centers say their shelters are the most comprehensive they’ve been in some time. Adoptions, which usually take place at a much higher rate, are at their lowest.

“We don’t like to see an animal stay here too long, so when we finally find the right fit for an animal, it’s really amazing,” said Nicki Bacon, Wichita Falls Animal Services Administrator.

Bacon says the shelter has reached capacity over the past few weeks and that for the first time in some time they have had to turn away animals.

“We had 103 animals in our shelter and because we were so full we had to put the dogs in crates because we ran out of room,” Bacon said.

Across town at Emily’s Legacy Rescue, the volunteer shelter faces the same problem.

“We’re overwhelmed and we’re just trying to do our best and adoptions have been slow during the summer season, a lot of people are going on vacation, a lot of restrictions coming from COVID”, Emily’s Legacy Rescue President and Founder Kimber Hopkins

Hopkins says it’s a team effort between local pet shelters when they try to save animals, but with adoptions so low, it has been difficult to do their jobs.

“There are so many moms and babies that we’ve taken out of town. Pregnant mom, it never seems to end, ”Hopkins said.

Bacon hopes that upcoming events like “Clear the Shelter” will help these animals find their forever homes.

“It’s really gratifying to see the number of animals coming out of the shelter through our front doors and into their new homes forever,” said Bacon.

If you’re not interested in adopting a puppy or kitten, both shelters have other options.

“We have an eclectic version of animals, we just had two guinea pigs yesterday and a rabbit,” Bacon said.

“We always say that when you adopt, you save two lives. You save the life of the one you adopt and you open up space as a foster family for another to fill it, ”Hopkins said.

With just one adoption, you can make a big difference.

‘Clear the Shelter’ arrives next month and the date has yet to be announced.

For more information on the Wichita Falls Animal Services Center, click here.

For more information on Emily’s Legacy Rescue, click here.

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