Local pet adoption center weighs in on pet care this winter

Pet care has become crucial this winter due to lower temperatures, especially for new owners.

Pet care is crucial all year round, but especially for winter. This information is important for owners who currently have pets or are looking to get one.

“No exposure to cold temperatures. Even though animals wear a fur coat, they still have areas of skin that are prone to frostbite or any other type of temperature change like that. said Ruth Thompson, founder and director of the ANNA shelter.

A seasoned pet owner looking to adopt another furry friend has a plan to make sure their new pet is safe and warm this winter.

“We keep them indoors. They are not outdoor cats so they will be nice and cuddle up to us on the bed with the comforters and keep them warm and healthy and entertain them. We are ready for it. said Vera Bombardier, owner of the animal.

While a pet would make a great gift, the ANNA Shelter recommends not surprising your loved ones with a pet this holiday season.

“I’ve had parents argue ‘Hey, we’re off work for the next ten days, now’s a great time to bring home a new pet.’ and I’m okay with that. We never want an animal to be a surprise or ‘I want to have this kitten for my girlfriend.’ said Thompson.

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The ANNA Shelter offers an alternative to gifting a pet this holiday season with gift certificates to help the new owner prepare for their new pet.

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