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(WFSB) – All this week, Eyewitness News is showing you different ways to make extra money, including selling things online.

The pandemic has supercharged the world of online shopping.

Many people sell whatever they can.

There is a method of selling online that could make a lot of money.

You can find just about anything for sale on the proven Facebook Marketplace, EBay, and Craigslist.

There is no shortage of things sold.

Many people, primed by the pandemic, are looking to tap into selling online just to earn some extra income.

Rene Agredano says the pandemic has boosted sales of her handmade and custom jewelry which is all pet-themed.

“We specialize in a very narrow niche within the pet industry,” Rene said. “Usually it’s to honor someone’s dog or pet or they want special wording on it or they want a special stone placed on it.”

She fell short of her goal last year, but she says the chance to do a little more is there.

“A good goal for me for my jewelry is, I have a goal every year to try to hit $5,000 with that. That’s a small part of what I do,” Rene said.

She learned how to sell things online from her mentor.

Entrepreneur Shirley George Frazier teaches an online course.

“The main points are to really focus on what you have, how you can make the most money for the items you want and need to throw away,” Shirley said.

Shirley says the best way to sell online is to have a good plan and a good product.

“In a month, a person who is diligent in this area could make as little as $500 a month, depending on what the product was up to tens of thousands of dollars,” Shirley said.

Niche websites or apps also appear.

“I’ve done enough to be satisfied,” Maya said.

Maya used the AptDeco website to sell 11 pieces of furniture, including a vase, a table and a sofa, earning a few thousand dollars.

“I was definitely looking to earn passive income and I think the pandemic has helped because there’s been such a shortage of furniture,” Maya said.

Reham Fagiri, Founder and CEO if AptDeco says it since COVID, the site is booming.

“I think people are getting a lot savvier about creating extra income and trying to get rid of things to sit at home and make extra money,” Fagiri said.

Eyewitness News asked what sells the most.

“Sofas, dressers and coffee tables are what people are looking for. If you have the combination of the 2, you can win $500, $600, $700, $800 depending on how many coins you have,” Fagiri said.

It’s that kind of extra cash that a lot of people could really use.

With more people shopping online for most items, experts say this is the best opportunity to try and cash in.

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