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With inflation at an all-time high, people are trying to find creative ways to generate more income to offset their expenses. An emerging trend is taking off: people are making money by using their household resources to cash out. And, yes, there is an app for that!

Whether it’s renting space in their driveways or lending out their RVs, people are realizing that their home can be more than a money pit. Andy Gonzales has turned his backyard in Silver Spring, Maryland into a dog park, and his customers love it.

“I thought, you know, we have a garden, a whole acre of garden. We completely fenced it off. Our dogs enjoy it. Why wouldn’t other people enjoy it with their own dogs, n ‘is this not?” González said.

Gonzales uses an app called Sniffspot that connects owners with pet owners who don’t have enough space to let their dogs run free.

“I make enough money doing this,” Gonzales said.

Customers pay through the app and set the times they want to rent the yard. Owners can set their own prices; Gonzales charges $9 per dog per hour. The company takes a 22% commission.

“Now we make an average of $400 a month just by letting people use the yard,” Gonzales said.

David Adams, founder of Sniffspot, says that before a guest can use the spot, they must sign a liability waiver that protects the owner.

“We provide our hosts with $2 million liability insurance free of charge. It’s included,” Adams said. “Thus, our guests are completely free from any liability.”

Before turning your house into a money-making home, check with your home insurance company and ask if additional coverage is needed.

Naturally, you need to use common sense before downloading any lucrative app. do your homework to verify that the company is legit:

  • Research the business name from the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission
  • Find out how long the app has been operational
  • You’ll also want to make sure they have a good track record with customer service. Read the reviews, not just the good ones
  • Make sure they are using a secure payment source, such as Paypal

As for Gonzales, the extra money helps pay for the upkeep of his home. But he says there are other benefits besides the money.

“It’s amazing, because I think you can kind of tell when dogs don’t have or aren’t used to that type of space, because as soon as they let go of them, they start running,” did he declare.

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