Manchester United have stopped selling the form bearing the name of Greenwood: the player is under arrest on suspicion of violence

Man Utd stopped selling Greenwood shirt: player arrested for alleged abuse

Mason Greenwood/

Mason Greenwood is under arrest on suspicion of assault. Manchester United continue to punish their own pet.

Another drastic move from Manchester United

Mason Greenwood’s story continues. A football player, by his actions outside the football field, can at some point scratch his promising career.

The player is under arrest and Manchester United have already removed Mason from training and matches. The next step for the Red Devils was the club pulling out of the sale of the form bearing the Greenwood name, without looking at the player’s profile.

MJ has stopped selling Greenwood uniforms: player under arrest over alleged abuse

Man United don’t sell Greenwood’s uniform / Screenshot from Greenwood’s website

suspected of violence

  • The story began after daughter and model Harriet Robson publicly posted a photo of Greenwood’s beaten body on her social media.
  • Afterwards, the beloved footballer added an audio recording where threatening words are heard towards Harriet from a player forcing her to have sex.
  • After that, Mason was suspected of violence and taken into custody.
  • Immediately, several MJ players decided to unsubscribe from Greenwood on Instagram.

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