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Friends of Marshall Animals and Ken Shapen of Shapen Toyota of Marshall are both offering matching grants of $ 5,000 through the end of December to help support fundraising for a new medical room at the animal shelter.

The campaign was started by Alera Waite, a 15-year-old FOMA volunteer and animal lover, who started a GoFundMe campaign to cover the costs of creating a new medical room at the Pet Adoption Center in Marshall.

In the seven months the fundraiser was up and running, Waite said she was able to raise around $ 40,000 in donations to reach her goal of $ 60,000.

“With matching donations of $ 5,000 from Ken and the Friends of Marshall Animals, that means we only need an additional $ 10,000 in donations to finally reach our goal,” said Mandy Smith of FOMA.

Smith said Shapen was an early donor to the Shelter Fundraising Campaign and has been a strong supporter of the Marshall Shelter and Animals.

“I’m just a dog lover,” Shapen said, “We’re just happy to be a part of it, something that’s so needed here in the community.”

100% of funds from one of these donation sites will go to the Pet Adoption Center’s new medical wards campaign.

The funds will be used to purchase a number of supplies needed for the new medical center, including:

  • $ 75 Blood pressure monitor
  • $ 350 Binocular LED Compound Microscope
  • $ 750 medical scale
  • $ 1,000 examination table
  • $ 1,500 patient monitor
  • $ 2,000 hydraulic surgical table
  • $ 2,500 LED surgical lighting
  • $ 3,500 anesthesia machine
  • $ 4000 digital ultrasound machine
  • $ 5,000 for Surgical Power Tools – Full Set
  • $ 30,000 x-ray machine

All this equipment will allow the shelter to offer medical assistance to all the animals in its care, as well as to offer sterilization and sterilization services at low cost to the community.

“We want to remove all the barriers to doing these procedures,” Smith said, “If we have someone who says they can’t afford to have their pet sterilized, we’re going to believe them.”

She added that this will allow the shelter to help reduce the number of stray puppies and kittens entering the shelter each year, as well as the number of people circulating in the town of Marshall.

The group will be hosting a special thank you party for all of their volunteers on December 28 at the Pet Adoption Center, where Smith said the organization will have a big announcement regarding the new medical room.

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