McDonald’s sells artisan bread? We have clearly reached the Peak Sourdough! | Leaven

Name: Mc Crispy Filet.

Age: New!

Texture: Crunchy, crunchy.

Ingredients: A crispy chicken fillet, a crunchy lettuce…

I like this already! Wait, there’s more. Add to that a black pepper mayonnaise with just a hint of truffle…

What is the…?! Truffle? I thought we were talking about Maccy Ds, not Fat Duck? We are. Crispy McFillet is a springtime item on the McDonald’s menu, tested in 41 restaurants across the Midlands and nine in Ireland.

Why do they start there? They have to start somewhere, I suppose. If all goes well, he’ll deploy them further and the rest of us can try what’s already being called a McPosh.

I would like I love hearing what Michelle Graham-Clare – Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s – has to say about it. It’s funny you ask. She says [checks notes]: “We took our time to make the Crispy McFillet bursting with flavor.”

She will for a Michelle-then star. Ugh. No prize for pun. We’re not done with the ingredients, though. Wait until you hear about the bun – it might win something.

OWhat’s so special? The Crispy McFillet is presented in a sourdough-style bun…

Nooooo! “Fear then.

I’m so sick of sourdough. Tell me about that!

It was once something you got at farmers markets and artisan bakeries, costing around four pounds for half a loaf.. But then the lockdown came and every man and his brother (they are all men) started not only doing it, but publishing photos of their efforts on Instagram and Twitter. Yeah, who cares… Wow! When I said, “Tell me about that,” I didn’t mean literally tell me about it. I wanted to say, “I know.”

Oh sorry. I totally understand, though. The unbearable omnipresence of leaven, as if it were a kind of pet…

Or a baby. These people probably sleep with their breads.

Wellour face masks are a thing. He totally jumped the shark, as I believe they say.

And arrived under the golden arches. Well, maybe that could be the beginning of the end. Now that it’s at McDonald’s, the sourdough boring ones might consider it less desirable and will stop making it. Or post about it, at least.

Here is the hope. How much does a Crispy McFillet cost, anyway? It’s £4.19 or £5.59 for a meal. So a bit more than a regular Big Mac chicken.

Say: “Must be worth it for the sourdough alone.”

Do not tell : “Instead of fries, could I get it with a Mediterranean quinoa salad, please? Regular. And the wine list…”

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