Milk-Bone is slashing prices on some of its top-selling dog treats

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This Labrador Retriever throws a dog treat on his nose, eager for a bite.

Is there anything cuter than watching your pup get excited about a tasty treat? There’s nothing like the happy little dance they do when they’re about to grab one of their favorite snacks.

Dogs bring so much happiness into our lives that it’s only right that we reciprocate. Whether you’re rewarding them for learning a new command or just want to pamper them, we’ve got amazing offers worthy of your special pup.

Your dog will love these tasty treats.

Your dog will love these tasty treats.

$11.98 $15.99 at Amazon

Give your best friend a taste of the sweet life with tenderloin and chuck roast flavored treats. These bone-shaped treats are soft, chewy, and flavorful, so there’s no doubt your canine friend will find this recipe delicious. They’re made with real chuck roast, so you can be sure your pets are eating high-quality ingredients. They have also been fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals, to ensure they support your dog’s health.

These chewy treats are only $11.98.

The perfect snack to delight your dog's taste buds.

The perfect snack to delight your dog’s taste buds.

$9.98 $12.69 at Amazon

This package contains 40 ounces of delicious snacks. The shell of this treat is made with a satisfying crunchy dog ​​biscuit, and the inside is filled with a soft, meaty bite made with real bone marrow. They also contain added calcium, so your loyal dog can have strong bones.

These snacks are currently only $9.98.

These mini treats are great for small dogs — but big dogs love them too.

These mini treats are great for small dogs, but big dogs love them too.

$9.98 $12.69 at Amazon

This container contains 36 ounces of dog biscuits, naturally flavored with chicken, beef and bacon flavors. They are small in size and great for reducing tartar buildup and bad breath. With only five calories per treat and 12 added vitamins and minerals, these foods are a great choice for any health-conscious pet owner.

These bite-sized bones are currently $9.98.

Give your pup the best of both worlds with this set.

Give your pup the best of both worlds with this set.

$21.96 $28.68 at Amazon

This option includes the same two products reviewed earlier, only sold together as a bundle. If you just can’t choose or know your dogs will quickly gobble up these two treats, this set is a convenient choice for you and your wallet.

Originally at $28.68, this delicious bundle of dog treats is now down to just $21.96.

Stock up on these delicious treats before these deals expire; your pup and your wallet will thank you!

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