Mom and daughter buy house together after selling old one in 24 hours

A mother and daughter have bought a house together after selling their old house in just 24 hours. Margaret Thurlow, 84, and her daughter Karen Biddle, 59, had expressed interest in booking a four-bedroom detached house in a housing estate.

They were both hoping to move to Towcester, Northamptonshire, and by the time a new home became available Karen had already sold her three-bedroom house. But Margaret had yet to put her four-bedroom detached house on the market. However, using Express Mover, a buyer was found the next day, Northants Live reports.

Karen said: ‘We decided to move in together so we could see each other more and I could be there to look after my mum after my dad died. Although Mom’s house had four bedrooms, it wasn’t big enough for the two of us – there was only a small bathroom and there wasn’t enough space downstairs either.

“It made sense to sell our separate houses and buy a new house together 50-50. I started to do some research and quickly discovered that real estate prices were high in Winslow and the surrounding areas. surroundings and quite high in Milton Keynes.During my research on the internet, I came across the Bellway’s Farriers Court development in Towcester, which is not too far from Milton Keynes and Winslow.

“The houses seemed to be of good quality, the site was well designed and we felt like we got more for our money here. We made an appointment and visited the site and were so impressed that we said we were very interested in securing land for a four bedroom house.

“A few weeks later, the site’s sales team told us that the sale of another four-bedroom house had failed and was built and available. To prevent us from missing out on this house, Bellway told us about ‘Express Mover.’

Karen and her mother, Margaret, have moved into a four-bedroom detached house together

Under the Express Mover program, Bellway liaises with a local real estate agent to agree an appraisal of the client’s existing home and quickly find a buyer. Bellway pays the agent’s fees and works with them until the sale is completed.

“It was awesome,” Karen said. “The sales team took all the hassle out of selling the house and they sold the property within a day – and mum saved £5,000 on agent fees. calls the service.

Karen and her mother paid cash for a four-bedroom Weston-style house and moved in on August 13 last year.

Karen added: “It was Friday the 13th and but it must have been lucky for us because everything went like clockwork. The move went really well and that night it was really nice to have the deal done and be together in our shared home.

Since the move, Karen has retired from her work as an adjuster and is enjoying more quality time with her mother. “I live a mortgage-free life,” Karen said. “I was paying £600 a month on a mortgage in my old house, so having that extra amount every month is amazing.

“It has allowed me to retire to spend more time with mum. We don’t live in each other’s pockets because despite mobility issues mum likes to be as independent as possible. There are so many space in this house that we are together but can have time apart whenever we want.

The house now has two living rooms after Karen and Margaret converted the downstairs office into a second living room to better suit their independent lifestyle.

Karen's mother sold her property in 24 hours
Karen’s mother sold her property in 24 hours

“One is my living room and the other is mom’s living room. It really works for both of us,” Karen said. “Upstairs we have four bedrooms but we need all of them. Mom got the master bedroom and got a bathroom for the first time in her life and she loves it.

“She also uses another bedroom as a walk-in closet. I have claimed the family bathroom as my own and am using one of the bedrooms. The other bedroom is guarded for guests to stay in if they wish. “

Karen said she and her mother spend their time getting to know their neighbors and exploring the area’s tea shops.

“There is a lovely little cafe just a five minute drive from our house. I go for walks almost every day in Towcester and back and find this to be a real tonic.

“The other day I spotted a cafe and we went there for tea and cake. It was lovely. Where I used to live people always kept to themselves, but here the neighbors are very friendly and helpful.We got to know a lot of people.

“It’s reassuring to know that if I need help, I can reach out to the people around me.”

There is currently a choice of four bedroom homes available to book in Farriers Court, with prices starting at £450,000.

For more information call the sales team on 01327 272831 or visit their website here.

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