Mom takes advantage of formula shortage by selling over 113 liters of her own breast milk

A US mum has started selling her breastmilk by the ounce after a huge formula shortage has left dozens of mums struggling to provide milk to their newborns

Mom took advantage of baby formula shortage

A mother took advantage of the shortage of infant formula by selling more than 113 liters of her own breast milk.

Alyssa Chitti said she froze enough to fill three freezers and then started selling it online because it was easier than donating it to a local milk bank.

The shortage of infant formula in the United States has been the subject of reports of recalls and supply chain problems that prevent mothers from feeding their children, as reported by the Daily Star.

Alyssa has been working to meet some of the demand, providing her own breastmilk, but said she ‘runs out of space’ in her home for how much of the supply she has left. to sell.

Alyssa Chitti took advantage of the shortage



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Alyssa said: “I think I’m running out of space, so might as well help someone else. I’ve looked into it.

“I was working with a group on it, but my daughter has SMA, and we’ve been in and out of primaries, and so it’s just hard to go and do the blood work and go and do all the other stuff, and that’s the only thing that kept me from doing that part.”

Loopholes had to be closed so that Chitti could donate her milk to a local milk bank, which meant the mother had to sell the excess supply.

Chitti says she had hoped to sell her breast milk at $1 an ounce, or 80p for 28 grams of milk, but is willing to negotiate with some mums because she understands what they are going through.

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She said: “It made me nervous, just because my daughter was very, very colic.

“And I know a lot of moms need specific formulas for babies with tummy aches, and I know how hard it can be when they’re upset. There’s nothing you can do about those tummy pains. .”

Buying and selling breast milk online is legal, but unregulated, and when Chitty started receiving negative feedback about her decision to sell, she quit, Fox 13 reports.

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