Mum-of-four earns £60,000 reselling items she finds in the bin, from make-up to dog food

Resourceful Tiffany Butler has found everything from robot vacuums, make-up, food, furniture and even an antique coat hanger worth £2,283 ($3,000) after scouring local bins

Tiffany Butler separates trash and finds

A mum-of-four has revealed how she made over £60,000 reselling items she found in the rubbish.

Tiffany Butler, a full-time dumpster diver and marketer, spends five to six hours a day digging through the trash cans of big-name stores.

The 32-year-old from Aubrey, Texas, USA, has found everything from robot vacuum cleaners to make-up, food, furniture and even an antique coat hanger worth £2,283 ($3,000). $).

Tiffany hasn’t had to buy makeup or toiletries for the past two years because she finds everything she needs in the trash.

She even managed to furnish her entire house with items found in trash cans, from her children’s beds to a rug.

Tiffany’s shopping allowed her to start her own business where she sold several items she found, such as headphones, rings, necklaces, and even dog food.

Makeup items found in trash cans


@DumpsterDivingMama/Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

She said: “I’ve probably found every kitchen appliance you can imagine, but my favorite is a pressure cooker worth around £150 ($200).

“I bought Ninja blenders, coffee makers, toaster ovens, pots and pans, and lots of dishes and cutlery.

“Before they started destroying items, I was getting huge boxes of makeup from ULTA every week, not everything was open.”

“I found Nars mascara worth over £20 ($26), Kylie Jenner lip kits worth around £25 ($33) and eyeshadow palettes Morphe worth over £10 ($13).

“I found most of my furniture in the bin, like my Ikea sofa which sells for £228 ($300) and a brand new chest of drawers worth £152 ($200).

Tiffany was able to furnish her home with things like this desk


@DumpsterDivingMama/Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

“I also go to many pet stores often, and have found everything from bags of premium dog food, to even live insects that I feed my lizard.”

Tiffany’s transports also include 60 Xebec Tri-Screen monitors with a staggering retail value of over £22,700 ($29,940).

She also picked up a range of seasonal items such as Halloween costumes, birthday cards and Christmas decorations.

She said: “I’m a huge makeup fan and used to watch lots of makeup tutorials on YouTube, until one day an ad for an ULTA dumpster popped up.

Tiffany (left) with her family Kaylee, Daniel, Blake, Mia and Ruxton Butler


@DumpsterDivingMama/Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

“I gave him a watch and told my partner, Daniel, 38, that I was going to have a look at my local ULTA bins to see what I could find.

“I was shocked to come away with boxes and boxes of makeup items, and it kind of expanded from there.

“With the amount I was bringing home, it became overwhelming and I filled the garage quite quickly.

“I’ve sold quite a few items on Poshmark and made around £3,805 ($5,000), but I knew I needed more space to store and resell items.”

Tiffany now has her own warehouse to store items, which she currently renovates and redecorates only with items she finds in the trash.

Tiffany in a trash can looking for her next treasures


@DumpsterDivingMama/Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

She added: “It’s crazy to think that I started a business selling perfectly good items that I found in the trash.

“Corporations are so wasteful, and it has to stop.

“Anything they throw away is just covered by insurance, so they don’t care because they’ll get replacements.

“Their loss has become my gain now truly.”

Tiffany documents her finds via social media and even has her own website where she sells her items: @DumpsterDivingMama.

Although dumpster diving is a controversial topic, Tiffany’s family, friends, and followers are overwhelmingly supportive.

Seasonal Christmas items found in the trash


@DumpsterDivingMama/Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

His four children, Kaylee, 18; Mia, ten years old; Blake, nine; Ruxton, eight; alongside her mother, Pam, 55, and even her grandmother Judy, 78, joined her dumpster transports.

Tiffany added: “My family and friends love that I dive into the bins and are always the first to want to know about my latest finds.

“Whenever I have guests over, the first place they want to go is the garage to take a look at the items they’d like to take.

“Many of my followers are quite shocked at the amount of litter thrown away and have actually been inspired to look through their bins for items.

“A lot of them have also bought items from me, which is good.

“It’s crazy how much big companies and brands throw away; I hope I’m doing enough in my area to keep others from going to the landfill.

Seasonal Halloween costumes and party supplies


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• New chest of drawers: £152 ($200)
• White cabinet: £2,283 ($3,000)
• Instapot: £114 ($150)
• Mamaroo: £190 ($250)
• Ikea sofa: £228 ($300)
• Laptop: £152 ($200)
• ULTA Makeup: £2,283 ($3,000)
• Pressure cooker: £152 ($200)
• Xebec Monitors: £22,700 ($29,940)

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