Netflix’s £10 Stranger Things t-shirts are so popular they’re selling for £150 on eBay

Primark is usually the place to go for a cheap t-shirt to wear on a regular basis and it’s popular for that exact reason, it’s cheap. Now some of Primark’s £10 t-shirts are so popular that people are whipping them online for as little as £150.

Since the release of Netflix’s fourth series of Stranger Things, the internet has gone wild. Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” is hitting the charts again, and TikTok challenges related to the show are on the rise. Primark also added to the hype by offering a collection that quickly sold out in stores.

The t-shirt that tops everyone’s wish list is the one worn by the characters on the show – a raglan style long sleeve t-shirt with a Hellfire Club graphic printed on the front. The club t-shirt is worn by Eddie Munson and his Dungeons and Dragons team on the show and fans have compared trying to put on one of the £10 t-shirts to trying to get a PS5.

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As Stranger Things fans beg Primark for restocks, those who managed to pick one up have decided to put them on eBay for a whopping £150, reports The Mirror.

A quick internet search for a UK size medium suggests the top is still available at a handful of UK stores, including Bexleyheath, Derby and Ipswich branches. However, many more people are expressing their disappointment at not having put one on, with one person asking “please tell me what I did to deserve this”.

Primark’s £10 t-shirts are so popular they’re selling for £150 on eBay

One person tweeted: “Trying to get the Stranger Things Hellfire Club t-shirt at Primark is literally starting the PS5 storyline all over again. It’s sold out everywhere.” Another lamented: “Every Primark in my whole county is sold out in Hellfire Club t-shirts. Please tell me what I’ve done to deserve this.”

A third said: “I try to blow everyone who has a Hellfire Club shirt with my mind. I ran at seven this morning to my fourth Primark and nothing.” A number of others claimed to have seen their sizes in stock at their local store after checking online, only to find that was not the case after actually getting there.

Some eBay sellers have taken the opportunity to sell their top at a price 10x higher than its selling price. According to an advert, the top was selling for £150 with a description that read: “From a smoke free and pet free home. This has been packed and stored ready for delivery. Will be sent first class registered post. class.

“Sold out in store and no restock as advised. This is sold in the men’s department so the size is men’s size.”

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