Nurse earns thousands on OnlyFans by selling pictures of her thumbs

A nurse turned to OnlyFans to generate a steady income after finding people were willing to pay £2,000 for both photos and videos of her thumbs. Allie Rae says she’s now making thousands after a fan noticed how flexible her thumbs are.

She says TikTok is full of ‘thumb lovers’ who are willing to pay over £2,000 for exclusive photos and videos.

Allie Rae, who is also on Instagram, said: “So one of my fans is paying me thousands of dollars for pics of my thumbs – no lie. Just my thumbs. I did custom pics for him last month and i won £4000 away and he was so happy with my pictures he ordered some more.

“Then I started getting messages from other thumbs lovers all over Tik-Toks and then I won an extra £6,500 this month for photos and videos of my thumbs on a steering wheel, by driving, holding things etc. I have very flexible thumbs and I guess they are super rare.

“So in the last 30 days I’ve made £10,500 on pictures of my thumbs. It’s pretty crazy – but I think it’s so much fun.”

Allie Rae describes herself as a wife, mother and Navy veteran. She said: “While working daytime as a NICU nurse in Boston, MA, I was also growing my OnlyFans account which was exploding at the same time.

“It didn’t take long for management to find out and give me an ultimatum, either delete or leave. I chose to quit my job as a nurse and pursue my career in adult entertainment full time. The best call ever.”

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