NVA Compassion-First Pet Hospital takes shape in east Vancouver

Lorentz Bruun Construction is handling the initial construction, which began earlier this year and is focused on 19,000 square feet of the building’s 30,000 square feet.

Hoffman said plans have already been made for an expansion of the remaining 11,000 square feet, which will add more capacity and additional specialty services, such as interventional radiology. The company wants to open and establish the initial hospital first, he said, but expects the expansion to happen “as soon as possible.”

The hospital will operate with a staff of around 35 to 40 on duty during the day, he said, dropping to around 15 for emergency care at night and on weekends. The facility will likely be able to treat around 50 to 60 animals at a time, he said, which probably works out to around 1,200 to 1,500 cases per month.

The facility will primarily treat dogs and cats, although one of the hospital’s department heads also specializes in “exotics” – a catch-all term for most other types of pets such as than rodents, reptiles and birds.

Hospital layout

Walking through the building still under construction on Wednesday afternoon, Hoffman gave a glimpse of the hospital’s emerging floor plan.

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