Paws Pet Adoption of Plainview Announces Transition to Foster Care

Paws Pet Adoption of Plainview is transitioning to a different rescue model.

The rescue is moving out of its current space in the Plainview Animal Control building. Relief personnel made the announcement via Facebook on Monday.

The non-profit rescue no longer accepts animals in the building. Cynthia Davidson, director of Paws Pet Adoption of Plainview, said Paws staff are working to finalize arrangements for the animals still there.

Some are waiting for rides to rescue partners as Paws works to set up others with foster homes. Paws does what he can to make accommodations for each animal in his care before leaving the building.

“We love animals too much to just walk,” Davidson told the Herald on Monday afternoon.

Paws resources will be put to better use through a foster family-based rescue model, she noted.

On the Paws Facebook post, it is noted that the rescue is transitioning due to changes in food donations, the loss of key volunteers and “the direction of animal welfare based on the information we have received from members of the working group”.

The task force was created in 2019 to oversee the operations of the city’s animal shelter. According to Herald records, Plainview City Council voted unanimously to set up a 10-member committee made up of local citizens, representatives of non-profit organizations, members of City Council and a Plainview veterinarian.

The action to create the task force came in October, two months after a group of local citizens presented a petition to City Hall in a bid to get the city to replace the control officer animals and to take action on what was then described as “unsanitary conditions” at the shelter after years of complaints to the city.

Paws’ Facebook post noting the transition to a foster care program also noted that the shelter’s move is expected to take some time.

Editor’s Note: The Herald will have more on this story later this week.

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