Pet owners love this best-selling smart vacuum that tackles pet hair like a pro

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This powerful little robot vacuum will lift pet hair and other debris from your floors effortlessly. (Source: iStock)

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is clean up. Especially if the cleaning involves vacuuming up all the pet hair your little furball has left on the floor. If you’re tired of all the work it takes to maintain clean floors, maybe it’s time to get a little help around the house. The Eufy robot vacuum will automatically pick up pet hair, dust and dirt from your floors without you having to touch it. Even better, this handy little robot is currently $30.00 on Amazon.

Let the vacuum take care of the dirty work

This robot vacuum has a 100-minute run time that provides consistent, powerful suction without the noise.  (Source: Amazon)

This robot vacuum has a 100-minute run time that provides consistent, powerful suction without the noise. (Source: Amazon)

$249.99 $279.99 at Amazon

This sleek robot vacuum has enough cleaning power to leave your carpets and floors spotless. Equipped with three brushes and a suction power of 2000 pascals, it can clean all types of debris and remove stubborn pet hair. In addition, the BoostIQ function automatically detects when it moves from a hard floor to a carpeted area and increases the suction power.

This useful device can roam your home for 100 minutes on a full charge. Thanks to its low profile, it can easily move around furniture legs and under sofas. Plus, high-tech sensors calculate obstacles and danger zones, so it won’t bump into your furniture or fall down stairs.

Using the robot vacuum is effortless. You can use the included remote or even voice commands with Google Assistant or Alexa. Use the EufyHome app for additional functionality, such as setting cleaning schedules, directly from your smartphone.

The powerful motor of this vacuum cleaner is quiet enough not to be annoying. The noise level is so low that it won’t disrupt your concentration on a task, sleep schedule, or startle your pets while cleaning.

This device has over 7,000 buyers, giving it a 5-star rating. Read what this verified customer says about their vacuum cleaner:

“I’m obsessed with it! We have 3 dogs and a 2 year old so our house is quite messy and I have it cleaned every morning before everyone is up (it’s so quiet it doesn’t even wake us up) and then at night if the house gets dirty again and it’s a boss.

Keep floors clean with your busy lifestyle using the Eufy by Anker BoostIQ 15C Max Robot Vacuum. With its reduced price of $30, it’s a great Memorial Day buy. Hurry and snag your robot vacuum before this offer is swept away.

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