Pete Carroll: Jody Allen ‘never had the idea’ of selling the Seahawks

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With the Broncos sold for $4.65 billion and the price set to continue to rise (and rise), rumors persist that the Seahawks could be in the game.

On Thursday, coach Pete Carroll was asked about the possibility of the team being sold by owner Jody Allen.

“She never entertained that thought at all,” Carroll said. “I never heard her say that at all.”

The chatter over a possible sale of the Seahawks has taken on new life in recent days, as Nike founder Phil Knight submitted a written offer for the Portland TrailBlazers, the NBA team owned by Jody Allen.

“I’m talking about our club, so I don’t know anything about the Trailblazers,” Carroll said. “They are fun to watch.”

The chatter first emerged from a report that the late Paul Allen’s trust is calling for the sale of TrailBlazers and Seahawks, with proceeds going to the “passion projects” he supported. Without seeing the language of trust, it’s impossible to know if it’s true.

And it’s entirely possible that the directors, along with Jody Allen, opted for strategic denial and deflection on this issue, in order to ultimately get the most money for one or both teams.

The best leverage to get the highest sale price is often to sell the idea that the team won’t be sold. The Broncos didn’t have that luxury; the league would no longer allow the team to be owned by a three-person trust. The Seahawks, who have one person in charge in Jody Allen, have no such urgency.

So maybe the smart move is to be timid, so the bids go higher and higher.

With 76ers co-owner Josh Harris willing to pay $5 billion for the Broncos — but unwilling to make a $5 billion offer unaware it would secure the team — it’s safe to say he’d pay that much in this moment for the Seahawks. That would be a nice return on the $197 million Paul Allen reportedly paid for the team in 1997.

Over the next two years, $5 billion could become $6 billion. Could become $7 billion. As those numbers go up, so does the chance of Jody Allen cashing in.

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