Petition: Tell Nike and Puma to stop selling kangaroo leather products

While most people know that cowhide is used for leather, many don’t realize that the same is true for kangaroo skin. This industry is another extremely sad example of animal exploitation at the hands of humans. Millions of kangaroos are slaughtered every year. Their flesh is minced for pet food, and Nike will turn their skin into high-end football boots. These kangaroos are uprooted from the wild and stolen from their families, all because companies like Nike and Puma want to make a profit.

Source: News for Reasonable People/Youtube

Although California has banned the sale and import of products made with kangaroo skin, Nike, Puma and several other companies have violated this ban. A survey by the Center for a Humane Economy found that 93% of “dominant” online retailers were “illegally” shipping kangaroo leather products to California, the Guardian reported. They must face the repercussions of their actions. Kangaroos are Australia’s icon and one of the world’s most loved species and they desperately need our help. Sign this petition if you want Nike and Puma to do the right thing and obey California law and tell them to stop selling kangaroo leather products in the state.

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