Prince William was spotted selling Big Issue on the street as royal fans praised the ‘humble’ job

The Duke of Cambridge donned the magazine’s red waistcoat and baseball cap and was hard at work selling copies in Westminster when he was spotted in a ‘silent gesture’ days after the Platinum Jubilee.

Prince William was spotted selling the Big Issue in Westminster

Prince William was spotted quietly selling the Big Issue on the streets of London by a passerby who was shocked to meet the unassuming royal.

Dressed in the magazine’s red waistcoat and baseball cap, the Duke of Cambridge was doing his part for the charity when he was seen across the road yesterday.

Retired Met Police Chief Superintendent Matthew Gardner shared photos of William on his Linkedin account after his brother-in-law’s chance meeting with the heir to the throne at Westminster.

Mr Gardener said: “My brother-in-law was in London today and saw a celebrity so he took a photo from a distance.

“The celebrity saw the ‘covert surveillance’ effort and crossed the road to investigate further.

William posing with another passerby as he sold the magazine


Vitalijus Zuikauskas/Instagram)

The problem that William was whipping


Big problem/Instagram)

“What an honor to have a private moment with our future king who was humble and quietly working in the background helping those most in need.

“These ‘silent gestures’ often go unnoticed.”

Going on to further explain the encounter, Mr Gardener said his brother-in-law did not run off without reaching into his pocket.

He added: “The finale of this unique occasion was when Prince William asked my brother-in-law if he wanted to buy the Big Issue, to which he replied ‘I have no change’.

“At this point William has produced a moving card machine…you can’t teach that!

“Priceless, or should I say ‘princely’.”

Prince William and Kate were in London for the Jubilee celebrations


British Press via Getty Images)

William with his son Prince George


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Prince William and his wife Kate have previously spoken of their involvement in charities close to their hearts and often inspired by his mother, the late Princess Diana.

In 2014 he visited homeless charity Centrepoint and in 2018 he and his wife Kate went to The Passage homeless center in Westminster.

William previously revealed how his mum took him to The Passage when he was just 12 with his brother Prince Harry.

Princess Diana made homelessness her top charity priority after joining the Royal Family and hasn’t been afraid to meet those directly affected.

A photo taken in 1994 shows the young princes sitting with their mother and chatting with service users at the Passage.

William and Harry with their mother Diana at a homeless charity in 1994



Responding to the photo of Prince William selling the big deal, one royal fan exclaimed, “I love it! Prince William really is the best! He will be a great king.”

While fan Celine added: “Prince William is such a gem.”

And royal watcher Fi agreed: “Good William.”

As Susan added, “He’s his mother’s son! Well done William.”

As the second in line to the throne, after his father Prince Charles, William played a major role in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations over the four-day bank holiday weekend.

Prince William played a vital role in the Platinum Jubilee



He appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with his grandmother, wife Kate and their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis twice during the event, traveled to Wales to meet people attending to the celebrations and was invited to the party at the palace concert. Saturday evening.

He was also among the VIPs at Sunday’s pageant, where a flustered Prince Louis stole the show.

The four-year-old was seen standing in his chair, waving his hands in the air, squirming and putting his finger in his ear during the show.

He even blew raspberries on his mother before running to sit on Prince Charles’ lap.

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