Promoting pet adoption with pizza

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — A Sioux Falls pizzeria is using its unique brand to give back to a pet.

Sunny’s Pizzeria has partnered with Dakota Dachshund Rescue to help promote pet adoption, by attaching flyers with adoptable pets to the top of their pizza boxes.

Dogs are the main focus when you first enter Sunny’s Pizzeria. That’s what inspired her new mission to help customers find their puppies forever through a partnership with Dakota Dachshund Rescue.

“Once a month we kind of pull available pets off their website and create little flyers and tap them on our pizza boxes to help raise awareness for Dakota Dachshund Rescue and hopefully get some adoptable pets into new homes,” said Jon Oppold, owner of Sunny’s Pizzeria.

“Just to spread the word, a little education. Not everyone is aware of the rescue groups in town, so Jon putting his flyers on the pizza boxes to talk to the folks at Dakota Dachshund Rescue and adopting or fostering the dogs is just amazing,” said Diane Wade , founder and president of Dakota Dachshund Rescue. .

Currently, the rescue is complete with approximately 55 adoptable dogs in a variety of breeds. They hope this simple flyer will help match dogs with permanent owners or foster homes.

“I really hope we can double our number of foster homes in the area so we can help even more dogs,” Wade said.

“Really, the whole point is to raise awareness, whether that means someone adopting a puppy or maybe someone donating money, someone you know is applying to own a dog, any way we can help, i think these flyers can bring awareness to what’s kind of the whole issue,” Oppold said.

If you are interested in adopting or promoting a pet or just want to look at cute pictures of puppies, you can find animal profiles on the Dakota Dachshund Rescue website.

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