Queen Elizabeth now sells her own brand of dish soap

queen elizabeth has bottled some of what she loves so much about her Sandringham estate in a new range of dish soap.

The dish-loving royal has launched her own line of liquid soap to make the chore even more enjoyable. She started selling bottles of “natural dishwashing” from the gift shop at her home in Norfolk for £14.99 a bottle. The 500ml container also features the Royal Sandringham Estate logo and comes with the scent of ‘coastal walks’ in reference to the nearby seafront. The bottle label reads: “Inspired by a shared passion for caring for our environment, we collaborated with Norfolk Natural Living, to create our dishwasher just 10 miles from the estate, using the finest ingredients botanicals.”

This product launch comes after Paul Burrellme, a former royal butler, said The secret podcast in December 2020 that the monarch does not hesitate to do a little washing up. “[The Queen] likes to have picnics but the food is all prepared. She likes to wash up,” he revealed. “She puts the worries [dishwashing gloves] and when she goes out to the log cabin at Balmoral, she’s there with her cares and she washes herself and the lady-in-waiting dries off. She likes to get her hands wet in the sink, that’s something she does.

This dish soap is also just the latest in a series of collaborations his Sandringham estate has released with Norfolk Natural Living. Last month, the Queen also created a dog cologne scented with “coastal walks”. The £9.99 scent is designed to help your pet “get rid of all unwanted odors and keep it smelling fresh” and is made with witch hazel and a blend of essential oils.

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