Robert Dyas is selling a smart home robot and it’s surprisingly affordable

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  • Now you can buy a house companion robot that will play with your pets and protect your home from break-ins. Family robotics company Enabot has just launched the EBO Air, a small spherical home robot on wheels that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology.

    This smart home security device isn’t something out of a sci-fi movie, but a handy gadget that helps keep family members connected. At £178 at Robert Dyas we think it’s relatively affordable.

    Image credit: Enabot

    EBO Air by Enabot

    The EBO Air is a compact, ball-shaped device that was originally designed to solve the problem of obesity and pet neglect. Now it’s much more, equipped with a 1080p HD camera, SD card, microphone and facial recognition.

    It has a range of uses all aimed at making life easier. You can use it for video calls from the app on Android or iOS devices, or you can simply schedule it to make daily rounds of your home to keep pets company and watch for suspicious activity.

    With infrared night vision, it can be used as a security camera for 24-hour video recording in your home. Ultimately, it’s designed to provide comfort, protection, companionship and peace of mind.

    EBO Air with cat

    Image credit: Enabot

    This compact and agile home robot is designed with Time of Flight technology so it stops before it falls down stairs or onto higher surfaces. It will have no trouble going through rugs, carpets and wooden floors.

    He can roll, roll and dance, and when his battery runs low, he’ll find his way back to his charging station on his own. It can be connected to your wifi and controlled remotely via the touch of a screen wherever you are, and multiple users can connect at the same time.

    Thanks to its small size, it can reach and monitor every corner of your home.

    EBO Air in the living area with piano and shelves

    Image credit: Enabot

    With the mobile app, parents can interact with their children and pets remotely, and family members can connect with elderly loved ones from anywhere in the world.

    The EBO Air is available now from Amazon, Enabot’s website, Robert Dyas and SND Electrical with prices between £178 and £229.

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