Sill’s 10th Anniversary Sale includes up to 30% off best-selling indoor plants

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To celebrate its 10th anniversary, The Sill, the direct-to-consumer indoor plant company, is hosting a major sales event on some of its best-selling plants and planters. The company started in New York in 2012 with the idea that “plants make people happy” and has since expanded to several other cities, including Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago. During the month of May, use code ANNIVERSARY to get 10% off one item, 20% off two items, and 30% off three or more items from the Anniversary Sale collection, which includes favorites such as fiddle leaf fig, snake plant, and philodendron.

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Calathea orbifolia, $40
With its large, round striped leaves, Calathea orbifolia is a lovely addition to any plant-filled apartment. The plant does best in medium to bright indirect light, likes high humidity and plenty of water, and is pet friendly.

Monstera delicious, $40
Another easy-to-care-for houseplant is Monstera deliciosa, which is native to the tropical Americas. It is best known for its broad, heart-shaped green leaves that have holes or fenestrations. Nicknamed the “Swiss cheese plant,” this plant thrives in indirect to medium light and should be watered every one to two weeks.

Fiddle leaf fig, $30
Fiddle-leaf fig trees may need more attention, but their pretty foliage is worth it. The Sill recommends keeping it in a stable environment, with bright light and watering every one to two weeks.

Laurentii snake plant, $30
Characterized by tall, stiff striped leaves, the snake plant is super durable as a houseplant. Although medium to bright light is best, the plant can also tolerate low light.

Cactus Rick Rac, $30
This zigzag-shaped cactus from Mexico has thick, leathery leaves in a unique serrated shape. Along with its unique look, other benefits of the ric rac cactus include the fact that it is pet friendly and easy to grow.

Small green philodendron, $30
Suitable for any sunny shelf or windowsill, the philodendron plant is one of Sill’s most popular houseplants. Not only does the creeper give any home an Instagram-worthy look, but since it can tolerate both bright and low indirect light and doesn’t need frequent watering, it’s also a great starter for any new plant parent.

Small upcycled planter, $37
As part of the anniversary sale, you can purchase recycled planters at a reduced price, made from agricultural by-products and natural fibers and finished with a non-toxic resin. Starting at $37 for a small size, the planters are available in four colors, avocado, blue, cream and stonewash.


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